Amanda Beckles


Amanda is the founder and coordinator of the Grenfell Tower Community Monitoring Project and lives just 300 metres from Grenfell Tower. She has worked independently as a Community Engagement/Social Researcher Consultant for over 3 years.

Prior to becoming a Community Engagement Consultant, she worked for a number of local authorities including Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark and Ealing, in the area of strategy development, service improvement, performance management and equality and diversity in the local authority’s Housing and Regeneration departments.

After a number of years working in this field, she became disillusioned with the way councils implemented these strategies. She started to work more with local voluntary and community groups to help them develop their own strategies and initiatives which would enable them to resolve local concerns relating to housing services, young people, anti-social behaviour and mental health issues.

Projects she has also worked on:

  • Restorative Justice Project, in Lewisham
  • The Community Owned Performance Indicator Project, in Westminster and Lambeth
  • Equalities Impact Assessments, Croydon
  • The Young Entrepreneurs Project, in North Kensington and Brent
  • Studio 306 Project, in Wood Green

Amanda’s work has a strong emphasis on empowering community members who have been marginalised due to their:

  • Religion or belief
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Disability (including mental health and learning disabilities)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Work status

These groups seldom have their voices heard. However, over the years, Amanda has worked with them and has developed a wide range of techniques that have resulted in constructive community-led discussions aimed at finding solutions to the problems they face.

Amanda has extensive experience in training community members especially in the area of community research. She has a long track record in carrying out service improvement initiatives and is a qualified Project Manager.