About the GTCM Project

The Grenfell Tower Community Monitoring Project is developed by local residents for local residents and is linked directly to our neighbourhood. It’s developed from our perspective and includes the views of small or under-represented groups in our community. Essentially, the Grenfell Tower Community Project is designed to reflect the needs, aspirations, and expectations of the whole community, especially those of survivors, the bereaved, evacuees, and residents in the surrounding area affected by the fire.

Through carrying out community-led focus groups or Chat Backs with those displaced by the fire and residents still living in the area; community Chat Back Leaders will be able to identify areas where services are failing. This information will be used to develop a suite of Community Owned Performance Indicators, which will measure how well the Council is meeting the needs of residents, how they can tailor services to suit the needs of residents affected by the fire, and allow for the community to hold the Council to account.

The distinctiveness of our community-owned monitoring project is that it is:

  • Generated by communities themselves
  • Naturally cross cutting. It has the potential to 
identify a breadth of needs across different service delivery areas
  • Capable of establishing an accurate community owned evidence base
  • Dynamic and evolving to changing local circumstance
  • Capable of being measured by local communities as part of the above process
  • Part of a whole package designed to hear the opinions 
of frequently ignored communities
  • Integrating community involvement into a continuous 
process of performance improvement
  • Able, therefore, to identify unmet specific needs
  • Capable of being used as a thermostat to alter priorities on an ongoing basis.