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The Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety aims to make recommendations that will ensure there is a sufficiently robust regulatory system for the future and provide further assurance to residents that the buildings they live in are safe and will remain so.

The interim report sets out the findings to date and the direction of travel for the final report.


This report considers the primary impacts on the health and wellbeing of those affected by the Grenfell disaster and makes a number of recommendations to support the journey to recovery. In doing so, it has attempted to draw on a range of evidence and insights, to help those involved with recovery at any level in the work they are doing.


  • The Importance of Community Owned Indicators Report (COPIs)

Developed on the principle that local communities are the experts of their own experience of the services they receive and as such, it is essential that their views should be the basis that public services are shaped.

Amanda was one of the lead consultants on this project and has been working with this methodology ever since, adapting it to suit the local communities and the changing social, political and economic landscape of modern-day Britain. She continues to lobby for this approach to be adopted across the UK.

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