What are Chat Backs?

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Chat Back is a discussion with people you already know, who have been affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy on the 14th June 2017.

The discussions are focused on the different support services that have been provided by the Council and other publically funded organisations since the fire.

The aim of these discussion groups is to get the voices of all those affected heard. Especially those who fall between the consultation structures currently available and to ensure that their issues are effectively addressed by those running these services.

Chat Back leader training
Chat Back Leader Trainees. Hard at work!

Testimonials from previous Chat Back Trainees:

Here’s what some of our lovely Chat Back trainees said about our training sessions:

“The training enabled me to think about the wider issues regarding the provision of community services by central and local government.” From a Volunteer, who grew up in the area and has been volunteering in the community since the fire. She said that her heart will always be in North Kensington and for the local people – no matter where she lives!

“We were guided through a relaxed, fun and creative Chat Back training session. The final discussion really brought the lessons home and generated excitement and the desire to get started.” From a Lancaster West Resident, who is passionate about her community and getting justice for those who lost their lives in the fire.

“The Community Chat Back Leadership training was most welcoming and enlightening! I found the session very informative, empowering, and well organised, allowing residents to think about their views and needs while developing clarity of their voice and confidence in a safe and confidential space. Thank you so much GTCM Project for providing such important sessions for free to our community.” Emmanuelle founder of Kamitan Arts CIC. Emmanuelle is a local community performance artist who uses her amazing talent to heal her community through poetry and music.

“I gained a lot from the Community Chat Back Leader training, which was informative, enjoyable and empowering. This training and this project are exactly what is needed in this community right now. I am looking forward to putting into practice what I learned, and what is really excellent is that the GTCM Project Team provides support and encouragement throughout the process.”  From a Local resident, directly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.

“Very important session. I learned a lot and would love to become a Chat Back leader for Moroccans. Well done Amanda and Laurelle for supporting us” From a community volunteer working hard for her community.

“Great; fun interaction. Interesting topics and nice to meet new people who also live in RBK&C and to share experiences” From a resident and campaigner who has worked for her community for over 25 years.